lundi 19 mai 2008


On va se la faire en anglais parce que je me la pète et qu'en plus, bah, c'est quand même chez nos voisins anglais que ça se passe!

Well, i've decided to participate to a cartoon contest for the first time of my life!

This competition is organised by the Ken Sprague Fund.

Sprague was an english cartoonist, socialist, activist, and more!
I didn't know him before ( maybe i've seen some of his drawings before, i dunno) and in fact, i like him ( even if he's dead now...) and his works. I always trust guys with moustache! More or less ( I trust less the Village People I guess...)
More informations:

So, there is my very little and humble contribution. Is it good or not, well, we'll see! Anyway I've tried!

By the way, I hope there's no mistake in the text too....

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manu-xyz a dit…

Huhuhuhu bien vu le gag ! Manquait plus qu'une grosse armoire clim avec la fenêtre ouverte =^.^=